Welcome to the Spellingworks page.

SpellingWorks: A workbook of spelling strategies is a self-study spelling workbook for adults and young adults, in graphic format. Written by Maureen Hague and Clare Harris, it’s for people who ‘get stuck’ spelling certain words, or feel their spelling is hopeless, and it offers long-term strategies for improving spelling.

It’s now out of print, but is available here as a free pdf download (with huge thanks to the generosity of Pearson Education and our wonderful illustrator Shane Nagle).

Thanks also to those publishers whose works we quoted from, who have agreed to this further use of their work – if anyone thinks they have been omitted, please contact us.

The usual conditions apply – please make this download free to students, don’t sell it, or copy without acknowledgement. We hope you find it useful!

Here is the SpellingWorks pdf file. It’s quite a large file (11.3 MB) so will take a little time to download.


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